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Tickets Information

Tickets for all Lennox Community Theatre productions may now be purchased online or, depending on availability, at the door.

Tickets are now available online for

Miracle On South Division Street

by Tom Dudzick, directed by Nicole Butler.

Click one of the links below to purchase tickets now.

Week 1: November 23, 24, 25 Week 2: November 29, 30; December 1, 2 Week 3: December 6, 7, 8

Ticket prices for most shows (subject to change) are as follows:

Regular admission$18.00
Children (12 years or younger)*$12.00
Seniors (65 years or older; Sundays only)**$15.00

Please note that a small convenience fee will be attached to the price of each ticket purchased online.

*Child rate may not always apply. Write to info@lennoxtheatre.ca for clarification.
**Seniors rate only applies to Sunday matinée performances.

Fund-raising opportunities are available. To find out more, email to info@lennoxtheatre.ca.

Volume Discounts: Fixed discounts may apply to pre-paid purchases of ten seats or more for a specific evening performance (i.e., not to a matinée). Certain conditions apply. More information is available from tickets@lennoxtheatre.ca.

General Enquiries: For additional information about tickets to our shows, please write to tickets@lennoxtheatre.ca.